Why Online Customer Management Is a Must in the Experience Economy

Why Online Customer Management Is a Must in the Experience Economy

Why Online Customer Management Is a Must in the Experience Economy

It’s already been a few years since customers have undergone a transformation in what they value the most. Until then, consumerism fed our need for owned goods, prompting even the most socially aware of us to accumulate our possessions. Thanks to the digital age and limitless connectivity that it implies, modern-day customers have become far more interested in accumulating long-lasting memories.

With that, experience economy has begun.

Here’s why customer management is essential for succeeding in such a climate.

A Holistic View of the Customer

The basic unit of experience economy is customer experience, defined as “the entirety of interactions a customer has with a company and its products”. By enveloping every single touchpoint between a customer and a brand, it affects all aspects of business from branding to customer service.

In order to satisfy, delight, and engage, customer experience must be custom-tailored in accordance with needs, preferences, and pain points of individual customers. Without state-of-the-art CRM systems, this is virtually impossible. The best online customer management solutions come with 360-degree customer view features, and collect all the necessary information for tailoring unique experiences.

Personalized Marketing

Though you cannot custom-tailor every email or ad, you can make both lead acquisition and retargeting way more personalized. Either by utilizing a 360-degree customer view, or by using advanced lead management tools offered by the best CRM systems, businesses can make interactions with their customers more humanized. If they are any good, online customer management tools improve targeting and segmentation, allowing marketers to convey messages that an audience truly responds to. When to that you ad marketing automation features, success in this field is guaranteed.

Exceptional Customer Service

While lead management and marketing automation cannot be found in basic online customer relationship management systems, all CRMs offer convenient helpdesk features. Customer service may just be the most important touchpoint between a customer and a brand, which is why you should never settle for any business tool that provides only essential features for managing contact center.

Opt for solutions with in-built task, queue and ticket managers instead. If CRM comes with a knowledge base that can be transformed into both an FAQ directory and a self-service center, even better.

24/7 Accessibility, Across All Devices

Now imagine if your helpdesk reps were equipped for responding to customer requests from outside of their office. With online customer relationship management, that’s possible. Cloud CRMs enable you to access your system from wherever you are, across all devices, and in any given moment.

Cloud computing is not only beneficial to customer support reps, of course. It allows data management and centralization as well, thus encouraging and facilitating interdepartmental collaboration. With customer success being another staple of the experience economy, teamwork is today crucial too.

Unlike traditional customer support, customer success implies satisfaction at each touch point. Different departments team up in order to provide holistic experiences and make the entire process more convenient. For that, a comprehensive CRM database with collaboration capabilities is a must.

Deeper Insight and Better Decision-Making

In order to improve any customer-oriented strategy, a reliable CRM system must include potent analytical features too. They are of paramount importance for making good marketing and sales decisions, but are also of big help when it comes to overall improvement and exponential growth.

In terms of customer relationship management, analytical tools enable you to collect and interpret customer feedback at each touch point. Some CRM systems actually include features for opportunity management as well, thus equipping you with basically everything you need for further development.


The experience economy urges modern-day businesses to change their approach and place customers at the very center of their everyday operations. No organization, regardless of how small it is, cannot ensure engaging experiences and customer success without some help from online CRM solutions.



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