Which Valuable Data Sources You Get with a CRM Solution

Which Valuable Data Sources You Get with a CRM Solution

Which Valuable Data Sources You Get with a CRM Solution


A personalized approach to customer management is quickly changing the world of business and everyone is looking to get onboard because this is the future. Simply put, personal engagement can retain customers in far greater way and make them convert. There are already various business tools designed to help companies reach out to their customers on a personal level through their individual interactions.

There are more and more tools each day and they are becoming richer with the features they provide. However, if marketers want their personalized campaigns to be effective, they need to create and manage databases with all of this individual customer information.

No matter if you already implemented personalized marketing or you are just starting out, make sure that you find a reliable CRM solution which you can use to build your customer information database. To learn more about CRM systems and all of their functions, visit this website.

Previous purchases

Important information that can be found in almost all CRM solutions is data about a customer’s previous purchases. This kind of information can help marketers create campaigns that can effectively target individuals, offering them products that they probably need and want.

If a customer calls, your customer service employees can determine how long they’ve been your customer (approximately). Not only that, but you will also be able to learn more about your customers and suit their needs and have the opportunity to express your gratefulness to loyal customers that have been with you for a long time.

Data from phone calls

All businesses receive customer calls, but do they log these conversations? Your sales team needs to track all of their conversations and the work they do to try and reach out to new leads. There are a lot of CRM solutions that allow businesses to monitor calls, store information and use it for future purposes.

If your business relies on phone calls to talk to leads and provide customers with valuable information, then you need to implement this kind of tool as soon as possible. As time passes by and your sales team acquires experience, they will be able to rely on the database to determine which leads need one more call to convert.

Additionally, your customer support staff will also find this information useful for understanding what kind of issues your customers had in the past. This is how they can approach them in a better way.

Social media data

Modern customers often share information on social media about what they like, what they do, what they are thinking, and what they are buying. Having a comprehensive CRM tool will allow you to reach and gather all of this information that can help you get ahead of your competition.

A lot of marketers like to look at social media as platforms where they can market products and services to customers, however they can also be valuable sources of information that can be used to improve various aspects of business. With a comprehensive CRM solution that offers social media information, you can gather data that can help improve services, products and create a more personalized approach.

Learning where your customers come from

All businesses invest in marketing to attract more customers and establish their brand’s presence. However, a lot of them don’t know where their customers are coming from and how they learned about their services or products. With this information, a business can learn where their efforts are working and where they can improve.

Additionally, they can understand the potential of certain channels and switch to them if they are already working well. Customers can get referrals from their friends or family members that were satisfied with your business, via Facebook ads or posts, email messages, Instagram, and many other different sources.

However, people will not always tell you where they learned about your business. With social media integration, your sales and marketing teams will always be able to see where a certain customer is from. Additionally, they will be able to lead conversations in a better direction.

CRM solutions have become vital tools that can help grow modern businesses. Given the fact that intuition and experience play a minor role when compared to factual data, the potential for gathering information, storing, managing it, and acting upon it through a CRM is the perfect solution for any serious company.



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