Pharmacy BPM For Enhanced Performance

Pharmacy BPM For Enhanced Performance

Pharmacy BPM For Enhanced Performance

The Pharmaceutical business is continuously developing and changing due to increasing globalization, competition, and constant regulatory changes. The manufacturers need to deploy more flexible, customer-centric processes to differentiate from the market rivals and promptly address the industry trends and demands. Effective management of critical business processes creates the foundation for constant growth and sustenance. The modern Pharmacy BPM software enables healthcare companies to streamline the routine workflows and automate marketing and sales.

The finest BPM for pharmacy provides a full set of powerful industry specific tools that allow the pharmaceutical firms to:

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of business processes
  • Manage projects and tasks
  • Manage quality assurance
  • Eliminate risks and manual errors
  • Drive regulatory compliance without operational cost increases
  • Enhance communication and create a unified collaborative research and development environment
  • Achieve higher accuracy in documents and processes
  • Boost the process of medications production

The pharmaceutical BPM helps healthcare organizations in improving the quality and consistency of corporate business processes, which are often very complex and strictly regulated. Also, the pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges including reducing the costs of clinical trials, research, development, and production, driving organizational visibility, winning customer trust, and streamlining the supply chain. A good pharmaceutical software should create efficient processes and applications, which will automate mission-critical procedures and workflows, speed up product development, optimize supply chain, and improve customer lifecycle.

Features and capabilities of Pharmacy BPM

The key highlights of an advanced Pharmacy BPM solution like bpm’online business software are:

Process engine

The web-based graphical process engine allows for process modeling, simulating, deployment, monitoring, and automation in an intuitive, drag-n-drop manner with look-and-feel to facilitate smooth adoption and align core business operations with the recognized medical best practices. Every step of a designed process can be merged with data, notifications, and alerts needed by medical professionals to keep up with the schedule.

Creating the workflow maps and performing what-if scenarios of the end-to-end processes before their implementation empower the science and pharmaceutical companies to quickly response to any changes in a supply chain, regulatory and legislative requirements, market trends, production, and R&D.

Clinical trials management

An excellent pharmacy BPM system gives health services providers the opportunity to entirely manage clinical trials within clinical research for the purpose of saving time, avoiding unnecessary procedures, sharing information among pharmaceutical stakeholders, eliminating human error, and enabling fast and accurate data gathering. Using this application, the medical specialists can perform:

  • Document management
  • Study planning and budgeting
  • Patient database management and recruiting
  • Electronic data capture
  • Deadlines and milestones tracking

Regulatory compliance management

The pharmaceutical industry is the most regulated and strictly controlled by supervision bodies. The all-in-one pharmacy BPM software offers efficient compliance management services to help companies stay on top of ever-changing laws, regulations, requirements, and policies. The solution provides a global compliance library where the industry-specific regulations, obligations, permissions, and policies are stored and maintained. Linking these standards to the processes and workflows keeps the participants aware of dependencies and responsibilities in their sphere of influence.

Customer relationship management

Both on-premise and online pharma programs deliver smart IT tools to help drug companies establish and keep productive relationships with customers:

  • Generalized client database with segmentation and target features enables to create advanced customers’ profiles, keep a complete history of communication and transactions, and track all activities of key clients;
  • Campaign management incorporated into the best pharmaceutical CRM software helps its users in defining the target audience, creating and scheduling marketing events, and monitoring the competitors’ activities;
  • Inventory management allows pharmacies to manage all their products in a unified database with a detailed prescription, licenses expiration dates, and prices, and track these items by pending prescriptions, location, serial number etc.

Analytics and reports

Business activity monitoring capabilities are essential in a smart Pharma BPM suite. They provide real-time monitoring and insightful reports on core processes, sales performance, staff effectiveness, customer services, and dozens of other custom analyses. Leveraging this information, pharmaceutical reps can forecast sales and patients’ behavior, gain a clearer visibility of KPIs, improve decision-making, and resolve problems faster.

Benefits of pharmacy BPM

BPM pharmacy is able to address critical business challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, which promotes operational agility and lays the foundation for organizational success. If properly executed, pharmaceutical CRM software helps companies in achieving:

  • Higher quality assurance and regulatory compliance that ensures uncompromised safety standards for medications and services;
  • Comprehensive document and content management with clear audit trails;
  • Agility in business-related operations owing to dynamic, easy-to-modify processes;
  • Standardized processes fully aligned with regulatory mandates;
  • Greater process visibility due to real-time monitoring inbuilt in a good pharmacy CRM platform;
  • Improved customer relationships. Pharma CRM solutions track and analyze the behavior of customers. This information enables healthcare organizations to better understand their issues and demands;
  • Increased revenues. Using the data gathered by CRM pharma software, companies can conduct more effective target audience marketing campaigns.


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