Cloud-based CRM – A New Level For Your Business

Cloud-based CRM – A New Level For Your Business

Cloud-based CRM – A New Level For Your Business

If you want to improve your business, increase sales and establish strong relationships with clients, cloud-based CRM is the best choice for your company. CRM will promote your company to a higher level and make communication with customers effective and productive. Thanks to a cloud-based CRM, you can make essential changes in various areas of your business and alter the tiniest aspects of the business processes.

Business Management

Bpm’online developed a special system on the BPMN basis to cope with the process of business modeling and providing automation and analytics solutions. Cloud-based CRM will make your business more effective.

Cloud-based CRM and Customer Management

This software program will help to get full data about your clients. The history of your relations with this or that client will be available; you can study his or her preferences and requirements. You can even learn about your client’s behavior in social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. The system will give you all necessary information for you to have a complete picture of a customer. Mobile application version is available at any time, even offline.

Attracting Potential Customers

Due to CRM by bpm’online, your company will be able to search potential clients. It helps to collect information, handle queries, and retrieve necessary data from Excel documents, web-sites and other information resources. The registration procedure will not take lots of time and will not cause any difficulties. All you need is to fill in several fields in the interface of the system. CRM system will get this information automatically when you pass the registration.

Solving Time Management Problems with CRM

Implementation of cloud-based CRM has the following advantages:

  • the system reminds about appointments, essential dates and different notices from social networks;
  • such software designed by bpm’online gives the opportunity to integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar;
  • it categorizes all task in accordance with their execution time, order and accountability.

Your employees will not need to waste much time for such work. They will get all important information on short notice and will have more time to build relationships with customers – loyal or new ones.

Increasing Sales Volume

CRM systems will become irreplaceable assistants for your company in sales management. With its help, you can control the execution of sales plan, carry out analytical and commercial activities and be aware of work of your competitors. The system atomizes all sales stages – from assessment of the sales prospects and client requirements to discussions with customers and contract’s conclusion. The automation starts immediately after the CRM integration. Thus, the software performs corporate sales process.

Document Processing

Cloud-based CRM simplifies working with documents, namely:

  • reduces searching time for the right document;
  • generates documentation on the template basis;
  • creates different variants of one document;
  • provides cloud storage for documentation.

Due to this system, the work with documents becomes more productive and fast. Access is rather convenient.

Corporate Social Network and CRM

Cloud-based CRM by bpm’online works as a social network. With its help internal communication between the employees is more effective and it covers more staff. Convenient and intuitive interface helps to share your ideas with colleagues, discuss projects you are working on and your personal achievements, create groups in accordance with your interests and leave interesting comments. This software allows discussing certain problems on the corporate level.

CRM Knowledge Base

Such database stores information given by all users of CRM. Here you can find dialogues on different topics, various instructions and presentations, information about completed projects and all sorts of necessary data. CRM users can take an active part in discussion of available issues and offer their own solutions to these problems in the system’s own social network that is called Enterprise Social Network or simply ESN. It helps to set the priority of the most interesting and informative answers in accordance with its quality and efficiency.

bpm'online Cloud-based CRM

Marketing System

CRM is an indispensable too in the field of marketing automation. With its help, your company can find appropriate customers, control financial situation, anticipate possible difficulties and calculate the potential profit. In addition, this software can improve e-mail campaigns in various directions. For example, you can group your clients and create certain distribution sample and send e-mails for your customers in automatic mode.

Analytic Tools

Advanced CRMs uses such tools that enable the monitoring of your business activities in real time. Setting the system provides the users with the relevant information and adjusts it without programming.

Administration Features

Due to such CRM, the managements of users’ accounts is possible. Access rights vary in accordance with the structure of this or that organization. You may also correct the peculiar properties of logging to regulate all data transformations. The software includes a wizard and editor of reference editions, objects, processes and pages. It is easy to modify the business logic and interface without programming. Due to a system’s wizard you can design your own administrative processes.

If you are still in doubt on whether to purchase the cloud-based CRM or not, review a brief list of its advantages:

  • a large number of satisfied users;
  • tailored CRM solutions based on your business needs and requirements;
  • reasonable prices;
  • the possibility of increasing the sales without much effort;
  • establishing a loyal customer database;
  • improving and increasing of rate of the entire business process in your company.

Cloud-based CRM will be the right choice for moving your business to higher level and establishing strong and lasting relationships with your customers.


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